The team worked on this exciting opportunity with Air Europa bringing progressive disruption to a market in need of technology innovation.

As part of the R&D process the team bench-marked all major airline and third party digital services in the industry and graded them against innovation, business design and usability criteria.  The research was insightful and very conclusive: The sector as a whole needs to dramatically improve it’s UX and CX.  A great opportunity to help the client standout.

After two years of very intense work, the team delivered a brand new digital identity for the brand plus an award-winning ecosystem of digital services to assist customers through a hassle free journey of trip planning, ticket purchasing, check-in, in-flight and arrival on destination.  — personal travel pocket assistant

Return On Investment

  • 123% more sales through the app in the first 6 months
  • 70% more website sales in the first 3 months
  • 500% reduction in average check out time online
  • Positive uplift in brand social channels
  • Perception change from low cost airline to full service

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